San Diego--Spontaneous Adventure #1

While in San Diego, Dustin and I visited this car place in San Diego. It was pretty cool! My dad would totally love this place! Dustin was having so much fun in here...it was kind of fun to watch him. Here are some pics of the spontaneous adventure.


Mustang Boss 302

Engine--Dad, this pic was taken for you. D said it was cool.

I thought this car was cute

Is this the same car Uncle Dave has?

Oh, and when we were leaving, there was this monk group walking around singing and having a parade. I've never seen anything like that before (not to mention they were all completely bald, but had a strand of hair at the back...) and so I was kind of observing (not starting...observing) and one of them smiled (toothless) and waved. I almost busted a gut laughing. Only word I have is interesting...

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